Attend the seminars

The Möbius Seminars can be attended by any interested person, by joining with the zoom link available on the each seminar description page. We ask participants to be respectful in their interactions, if you wish to speak (you may also just listen). Note that the seminar recording available on Youtube only contain the seminar without the discussion afterwards. To be notified of the future seminars, subscribe to the website on the right with your email and/or follow us on Twitter.

Participate to the organisation

The Möbius Seminars are organised by a small team of philosophy and physics afficionados. We welcome similar minds to join our project, either for a specific or regular contributions. The following activities are foreseen, please contact us if you are interested in any:

  • Presenter: are you a philosopher active in Philosophy of Science and do you think that your research would be of interest to physicists? Let us know so we can organise a seminar.
  • Audience: some like to follow the seminars in solo, others would like to share the experience with others. If you organise a group watching in your laboratory / university / café / terrace / any other place in local spacetime, let us know so we can provide advice and promote it.
  • Social media manager: we are looking for a person interested in joining the team to run a social media account (e.g. Twitter) advertising our activities and providing discussions between philosophers and physicists.
  • Conference / workshop organiser: we are currently in the processing of designing the first full-day Möbius meeting of philosophers and physicists. Let us know if you interested in hosting or participating to the organisation.
  • Discussion group manager: we are considering opening an online discussion group (Discord, Slack or Mattermost) for philosophers and physicists. This place would need a manager and we welcome volunteers.
  • Your idea: we enjoy creative projects, let us know!

Current team:

Leïla Haegel, physicist at the University of Paris

Henri Inchauspé, physicist at the University of Paris