[Zoom link updated !] 23/06/2022 – Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz: Elements of Penrose’s Conform Cyclic Cosmology

Thursday the 23rd of June, at 15:00 Paris time (CET), at this Zoom link


The question I would like to enter upon with you is the question of the coherence and  of the significance of the Cosmology according to R. Penrose. The basic question he poses is the issue of how our universe happened to come about with a Big Bang that was extraordinary special-yet special in what appears to have been a very particuliar way where, with regard to gravity, its entropy was enormlously low in comparaison with what it might have been, but the entropy was close to maximum in every other respect. The issue has to do with  the origin of the Second Law and with the evident fact that the entropy of our universe seems to be vastly increasing, despite the fact that the very early universe and the very remote future appear to be umconfortably similar to one another. 

In order to clear up these  mysteries Roger Penrose proposes a new scheme, that is a new scenario : the conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC) theory of which I will give elements of the construction.  

Biographical information:

Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz is a philosopher and historian of science, teaching at the Universities of Paris-Cité, Bordeaux and Picardy; he is Professor Emeritus since November 2019. After studying classical literature, philosophy and mathematics at the ENS Ulm, he obtained a DEA in Logic and Epistemology in 1979, as well as a DEA in Pure Mathematics in 1988. He dedicated his PhD to the history of cosmology, and in particular to the work of Nicolas Copernicus. From 2004 to 2018, he was a member of the CNU (National Council of Universities) and head of the HPS department (History, Philosophy, Sociology of Science) at the University of Paris Diderot. He is the author of several books including Copernicus and the Copernican Revolution (GF, 1998), The Concept of Proof in the Light of AI (PUF, 1999), and The Motionless Earth (PUF, 2003); he also co-edited the collective On the Steps of Galois (Hermann, 2014). He was awarded the Grand Prix of the French Academy of Science in 2015.

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Meeting information:

  • Thursday the 23rd of June, at 15:00 CET (Paris time), at this Zoom link

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